Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cleo Patra and a world of tomorrow

       Grew up with a passion for writing due to the fervor of creativity bubbling inside me, the only reason I started writing was 'Frustration'. I wanted to give vent to any emotion imploding within me. I wanted to let go off the weight, pain and burden in my heart! From this,, you can infer that my writings are from my heart... So it's as easy as falling off a log to predict me and assess my character based on my writings.
       I had a world living in my mind, a world the external eye can't see and an external source can't perceive. It was the inspiration behind coming up with the concept of 'Bio-RAM' in this novel. It's just not a novel, your key to a world of thrilling and exciting adventures! This book consists of 9+23 chapters, each chapter prone to perfection regarding concepts and topped with a rational amount of adventures, detection, horror and apocalypsis (a rare term pertaining to end of the world concepts-dark angel fantasies and supernatural phenomena). Just pop into this paranoid, bizarre and byzantine world to discover what can really carry away your senses though your body actually exists in this concrete world!

About the book:
       I see a soul, a sole soul binding all the living beings, human or alien in this universe. How can I harm it when I'm bound to the same soul too? Man lives not only by food, air and water, but also by his memory. Memory dies with the person. But, what if it can be passed on to his next generations through a unique tool, a code, which also can unleash the secrets of the universes... A code than can be exploited and manipulated to change the future of the universes, the way its master wants? What if the code begins living and thinking? A Science fiction that reaches the core of human intelligence and intuition and questions their origins. Breath taking adventures, unique brios and stunning acrobatics of the born rivals the 'Dinos' and the 'Dragons' at the hot spot, Rebel Rambo adorn the story. Just pop into the book and unleash a neo-world in it that pampers your senses and intelligence with a topping of romantic adventures and kick ass alien invasions.
       I'm just providing with the preview and link to my new book here. The actual chapters with graphics will be available soon as posts in this blog...

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Thursday, 30 August 2012


                    “I donno whether I’ll be alive or not when you are going through this part of my book. I’m a Science student with a rational vision into Science and scientific innovations. If you too are such a guy or gal, I know how crazy the following lines may seem to you. But, I’m urged to say this by what people call it the ‘basic instinct’.

'BIG-BANG Simulation'
                         From the moment I learnt about the innovation, the scientists of ‘CERN’, Geneva made in tracing out the unique link between ‘the world now’ and ‘the world before the ‘Big Bang’’ that had been eluding them for years, my heart began throbbing 3.5 times faster as did the colliding protons in a 27 km tunnel, 330 feet deep underground, the coldest place in the universe maintained at a couple of degrees above absolute zero. You know what; it is minus 271 degrees Celsius! Can you just believe that?! It’s not about the ‘known-unknowns’ which just need our patience to let them unveil themselves to the world some or the other time in the future, but it’s all about the ‘unknown-unknowns’!

'Proton Collisions'
'Have They Seen Him?'
                  If all that we could see, touch, hear, smell, feel and talk about are too beyond our imagination and affordability sometimes, then what about this, not merely an earth shattering, but a heaven shattering innovation?! If those scientists have seen the ‘unknown and unseen unknowns’, then what not, they have seen ‘God!’ The collision energy of the protons was about 7 Tev or simply 7 billion billion electron volts. Now stop your quest for the number of ‘zeroes’ after that sweet seven. Nothing after that sweet seven. Seven itself is holy and complete.

'7 Chords'

'7 Days'
'7 Colours-Rainbow'
'7 Continents'

'7 Days Of Creation'
Seven days a week…
Seven colors a rainbow…
Seven chords music…
Seven days of creation…

Seven steps a holy wedding…
Seven continents our world…
'7 Steps Of Wedding'
Seven, my birth-date!...
Oops, didn’t you know?

'Oops, Didn't You Know?'

           Do you suppose that those 80 scientists in the compact Muon Solenoid experience control room of the ‘Large Hadrons Collider’ at the European organization for Nuclear Research in Meyrin near Geneva, really witnessed that so called ‘unknown-unknown’ (God, in my book), as a graphic of a collision at full power was pictured? I know, the question is too lengthy to sink in. Nevertheless go over it all again and you’ll understand how crazy things we are after! It is ‘simulation’, meant to create artificially, a particular set of conditions in order to study or experience something that could exist in reality. And simulation doesn’t simply end with ‘simulation’, but could lead to ‘reign of terror’, ‘claim and conquer’! Because it is ‘re-creation’ and who ever creates, reigns! Not for the moment, but it would be true in the coming years. What say?

'Forgive Them Father!'
                  God said, “Worship none, but me!” Do you think we will be retained the right of worshipping none but God if those so called ‘re-creators’ come to reign the universe?! Do you think God still keeps quite or just says, “Forgive them Father for they art not know what they are doing!” just like he said at His crucification? He could as well have said that if He was being crucified again, but not when His people are! Do you think He will forgive those, His rivals? No! it’s gonna be a different climax and obviously it’s gonna be ‘Eternal Damnation’, damnation of all and any other accesses to what God sealed as a ‘Divine secret!’

'Access Denied!'
'Taken Over An Untamed Bronco'
                  And unveiling a Divine secret is not all by human means. There’s a conspirer behind and you know who it is! God wants it to be it, a Divine secret, not just for His own arcane reasons, but even for the welfare of us, human beings. But what are we doing?! We’ve taken over the reins of an untamed wild horse, the one which we haven’t dealt with earlier. We donno how to control it and we even have no right to know! And it is our Lord, almighty who knows the controls and the ways too. We may repent now or some other time in the future, but will the bronco, so wild, so furious and so mysterious stay still once the reins are taken over?! No! It gallops away into ‘Unknowable unknowns’, when and where we can no further proceed either scientifically or spiritually. We tangle amidst an abyss… “ACCESS DENIED!” and that is what I meant ‘Eternal Damnation”.

                  What a disaster we are up to?! Because this isn’t actually about a wild horse, but it’s all about the foundations of the universe. It’s about the end! We haven’t broken the records actually; we have broken the rules and just incurred the wrath of God! We’ve broken the rules that keep the covenant between ‘God’ and ‘His people’, rules that sustain ‘love that gives life’ and the rules that keep good going!
'Eternal Damnation-No Progress Either Spiritually Or Scientifically!'

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.

Saturday, 25 August 2012



'Who Is It That Comes To Rescue?'

                “I sometimes ought to expend money beyond my caliber and I do it happily when I learn that someone is gonna be happy by doing it. I value people!

                  Sometimes I think I need no one. I’m independent and an expert in doing anything that makes my living and me comfy too. But still I can’t forsake anyone. I love people!
             Sometimes I’d wish to avoid people, to have the so called ‘peace of mind’. I think loneliness serves me well and being alone suits me well. Yet, I love to see people, my kith and kin around. I need people!

Who's sending the showers?
              I sometimes feel ‘Why can’t these people just rely upon God, authentic than seeking human help?’ When the ponds dry up, who is sending the showers?! It’s God, isn’t it? But what do people do? They desert you! Even then you are not alone, because when there’s no one, there’s still God. But I still value people. Because, God never comes to our rescue or help all by Himself… He sends HUMAN!

              Value every human. They represent God. And once we hurt them, no prayers answer and no human comes to our rescue! We’ll be doomed and damned! Remember, you too are a human and not unless you adore humankind!

'Else No Prayers Answer!'

                                                                     “Be a human!”         

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012



           “Sometimes, some guys interpret the manipulated meaning of my words or sent messages. It was shocking! Well, but I wasn’t down hearted. I didn’t err and above all I didn’t care! Why should I, when my life is so fragile, so volatile and my life span is too very short?! I want to be happy and I don’t want to let anything in that would scatter my heart and shatter my happiness and peace!

           I don’t want to stick to my past first of all. I am what I belong to, today and I’ll be what I will be tomorrow! But I’ll never be the person what I was yesterday. The world is so volatile like time. You are nothing what you were a moment ago. Then why stick to it, your past? Get going and stop nowhere! Don’t ever think about the passed rails of your life’s track, but do remember the journey, because it is what you made and it is what that made you!

            “You can’t go back and change the bad beginning, but sure can go ahead and create a successful ending!” You are not responsible for what people think about you, but sure you are responsible for what you give them to think about you!

 Life’s little lessons, but they make it big!


               Some guys made a statement about me which was half true and half lie. If I were to accept it, I should be accepting the half too that was false and if I were to deny it, I should be denying the half that was true. So what was I to do?! I denied. It’s better to accept we never did something good we did than to accept we did something bad that we never did, isn’t it?

                                     Avoid manipulation…It's hard on people on the other end!

                                                  Let us never use our reason against truth!”

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.

Saturday, 18 August 2012



               “Sometimes we hear something and wonder why! Later we learn it wasn’t really it, what we heard… Sometimes we see something and wonder why! Later we realize that it wasn’t really it what we saw… Sometimes our own senses too deceive us, because they are only senses. They sense things and show us only what somebody shows or chooses to show, an external perception! But it’s our abstract sense deep within (not sixth sense, but intuition), which can really make us feel what the truth is, just like being able to see the pain beneath a smile, and happiness behind tears!

                 So let’s not be quick to judge others, because our intellect only shows us what they choose to show, but they may be something else beyond what they really appear to be. Most of the people are kind and passionate beneath their gruff exterior, and cruel beneath their cool disposition exterior. “We’ll never know what they really are or may be they’ll never show!” So, listen to what your heart says… if it says what you heard or saw was not it and cannot be true, just nod your head in accord and say “Alright, that’s okay!”

                 Because, as you know, ‘Your heart may be on the left, but it’s always right!’

                                           Investigations may fail, but intuition never fails!

                                                               “I follow my heart!!!”

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.

Thursday, 16 August 2012



               “My creativity begins where your thinking ends”… attitude statement of the millennium! Yeah buddy, think big!

           Look at everything with an analytical, logical and perspective look, of course with a hint of romance that makes you not only understand things, but also interpret them and demonstrate them to lay people. Now it’s time for you guys to bid ‘good bye’ to by-hearting and welcome creative thinking.

                 Love nature and love science. Understand and accept what nature gives you and protect Mother Earth. Don’t stop with mere lip-services to environmental issues. Lend a hand in saving Mother Earth. You save just earth and you save the entire mankind and other animal populations on this Earth because, it’s the only place where we can survive!

                   Money gave up, stock markets gave up, politicians gave up, but still Science is hanging on! Love it and live it… Use it wise!!! That will stamp you as a rational Science buff…You will have your Genius mark…And a scientific look!

                                                                     THINK BIG BUDDY!

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012



            “I learnt from the movie, “The Three Kings” that the most important thing that should be taken into account or carried out is the most necessary thing at that given point of time! The threesome, the American soldiers were commanded to get some most wanted terrorists in Afghanistan. But they stay back at the operation spot even after their job was done, to save some hostages over there in the hands of some armed Afghan civilians. That’s like real heroes, isn’t it? And that’s why they were called, ‘The Three Kings’!

             When we were born, the necessary thing at that point of time was whether we cried. And after we cried, whether we lived! When we are living, the most necessary thing is that whether we made at least two a people smile a day and not missing the chance of us being one of them. When we are making a living, the most necessary thing is whether a good few are living because of us… and finally when we die, whether we are living in at least one heart!

              At this point of time, writing this is not really necessary for me, because I have an exam tomorrow and I must be preparing for it!

                                                            “SAVE ME AT THE EXAM!”

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.

Monday, 13 August 2012


                                                                    SAVE YOURSELF!

'Happy People Of 18th century!'

              “Once the world was happy and safe, because everybody thought and strived for its good. It was a ‘positive era’. Then in abstract, the world began dividing into 'nations' and in concrete, people into ‘ians’ (Indians, Americans) and likewise! Even then there was no expected harm to the world, as nobody exploited others’ happiness in pursuit of theirs. The world was safe and optimistic!

'Give Us Some Hope!'
           Then began the era of ‘Pessimism’, when people began underestimating their own fortune and fate. Their self-confidence began abating. Though it was like that, people did not bother others. It’s the ‘Zero stage’, as people did not interfere in or exploit others’ rights and neither had happiness of their own!

                             Then began the era or ‘Grudge  and Prejudice’. “People loved success, but hated successful people”. It was the beginning of ‘Negative stage’. Even then there was hope of survival as people were afraid of punishment, once they committed a crime. People at least had a reason to kill others (though cannot be approved by anyone, anytime). People were aware of the wrath of 'God and Guilt'.

              But now, we are in an era of ‘No one, if not I’… This is the horrible, terrific, doomed and destructive era, the ‘Black era’! No fear of punishment. People are ready to kill themselves in the process of killing others. Nobody can elude or escape their death claws except for a few elite aristocrats, that too not for a long time!

              It's the 'Far negative stage', a stage of the end of this world... Yet, I wonder why God is pushing people from heaven into this world, a hell... May be for Himself to be born a Human again to put an end to this plight and pain!

                                                                   "SAVE YOURSELF!"
'GoodBye Criminals!'

Regards... K J Sudhira Spurthi.